Help is here for overweight people fighting their desire for forbidden sweet, sugary foods.

Chocolate to the Rescue!

Chocolate Truffle Tree

Discover How Eating This Amazing Fat Burning Chocolate Can Help You Manage Your Weight Again

Mousse Pie
Chocolate Mousse Pie


Ask yourself these questions!

Do you struggle to take off a few pounds then give up when it all becomes too hard?

Are you sick of denying yourself all the delicious foods that make life fun?

Are you devastated that you don’t seem to be able to resist all the foods you know are bad for you?

Are you disappointed, frustrated and angry as your weight balloons out of control?

Did you answer “YES”?

“How would you like to eat these amazingly decadent chocolate treats and stay true to your diet.”

Apricot Ripe Apricot Ripe

My Valentine
Be My Valentine

Caramel Walnut Chocolate Walnut Caramel Log

Key Lime Pie Key Lime Pie

Did I hear another “YES”?

Before I go on let me introduce the Author…….

Her name is Pamela Vinten and this is her story…

She is a retired Home Economics teacher living on the Gold Coast, Australia. Having studied in Melbourne, she majored in nutrition, food science and biochemistry.

She has maintained a keen interest in nutritional trends for over 40 years and is constantly on the lookout for healthier food options. This was very important to her when she was raising five children and dealing with the obstacles we all experience while trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

This book is the result of the anguish she felt over the years as she has watched, and (to be truthful) indulged in, the eating of very damaging sweet, chocolaty food. Let’s face it, who can resist! She is proud to offer you a solution and it comes in the form of her deliciously smooth chocolate and is not only amazingly healthy but fat burning as well.


Pamela is the author of international selling eBook “Chocolate Against Child Obesity “


Over-eating goes way beyond willpower…let me explain…

Something scary has slowly crept into our eating habits and changed the way we look at food. The food industry has discovered the link between food consumption and overeating and is exploiting this knowledge to the detriment of your health and weight.


It all comes down to making money and the bottom line is greed.

The more you eat the more you spend!

  • Industry giants know that sugar, fat and salt sells.
  • Eating foods laden with sugar, fats and salt stimulate us to eat more and more.
  • They are irresistibly yummy and we feel rewarded.
  • However that euphoria is short lived so we seek out more sugary, salty, fat laden treats to feel good again.
  • Our brain is over stimulated and we begin to spin out of control. In the face of this conditioning, willpower just doesn’t cut it anymore.

They now have us hooked!

With this knowledge in mind the food giants have been playing around with our food so that it contains as much sugar, fat and salt as possible. Everything has been softened so food “melts in the mouth”. It is easy to wolf down massive servings without feeling full. Even when we feel full we still cannot stop. It’s like our brain has been hot wired!

Low Fat Diets Don’t Work! How scary is that!

Most low fat diets just don’t work and it is not surprising. It is because you are slowing starving yourself and the deprivation is torture! You feel hungry and miserable all the time.

Why Not?

Healthy fat is a vital nutrient for good health and we especially need some saturated fat.

Health organizations including “The National Institutes of Health” and “The American Heart Association” -recommend we get 30% of our calories from fat.

The food giants have falsely steered us away from saturated fats towards polyunsaturated vegetable oils and margarine over the past 50 years. (She explains why in detail in her book – it has nothing to do with our good health) If low-fat diets are the answer then why has obesity around the world risen to epidemic proportions over the past two decades?

Where have we gone wrong?

Here is the Answer…

Pamela gives you an easy, affordable solution to your woes and it comes in the form of healthy,

fat burning chocolate

With this chocolate you can re-wire your brain to accept when you are satisfied and full and stop eating

Take heart!

You no longer have to be one of the food industries victims.

The sugar, bad fats and salt found in processed foods far exceeds that found in nature and that is the first clue as to how to get off the over-eating merry-go-round.

Eat as nature intended not as the food industry wants.

Take back control


Just a few more of my mouth watering recipes…

Celebration Cake Windmill Celebration Cake Chocolate Gateae Coconut Cream Chocolate Gateau

“Oh No!”

I can hear you say… “Stop tempting me, its torture”

Would you be excited to know that with these delicious chocolate treats you can break the hold food has on you!

I bet you would!

Amazingly these recipes are as Mother Nature intended. They are not sugar or bad fat laden but still are gloriously sweet and decadent. In fact these recipes, as well as being amazingly nutritious and satisfying, actually help you to burn fat.

Keep reading to find out why…….

Here is the truth!

These recipes are so incredibly nutritious and satisfying that it is easy to stop eating. Sound too good to be true? I thought so too but soon after I discovered this amazing chocolate I was eating one of the recipes – haystacks – which is chocolate combined with natural nuts, dried fruit and coconut. After eating two I was amazed to find that I was satisfied and was happy not to have another

Read what a satisfied chocolate lover had to say after trying my chocolate

Apricot Slice
Apricot Slice

Thank You For Giving Me Back Control

Genna Nibaldi, Financial Director, Melbourne, Australia

I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first as to whether I would be able to eat this yummy chocolate without scoffing the lot. You can imagine my amazement when it was true. I ate a few pieces and put the rest back in the fridge for later. My favourite is the Apricot Slice. Thank you Pamela. I feel back in control and it feels wonderful!

Would you believe me if I said these deliciously tempting treats are not only healthy and satisfying but more importantly burn fat?

“You can enjoy rich, full fat foods and lose weight without the hassle of counting calories or suffering from hunger”….. Bruce Fife N.D.
The world’s leading expert on coconut and health.
Director of “The Coconut Research Centre”

And this is backed up in the glowing report by Angela Counsel, Naturopath and Nutritionist.

This is what she wrote after reading Pamela’s book……


A Great And Easy Solution

Angela Counsel

As a Naturopath who has a special interest in providing clients with information on how to make easy food choices I found this book to be a great resource. I am particularly concerned with the level of overweight and obesity in our society today. Despite an abundance of food many people suffer from malnutrition and are developing chronic diseases at an extremely early age. In this book Pamela has captured the problems with our diet, in general, and offered a great and easy solution to the question often put to me by my clients – “but how do I attend social events when all of the food on offer is processed and sugary foods?” Pamela addresses this question and offers a great solution by going back to nature and finding delicious foods which have great nutritional benefits for everyone.

I have always recommended to my clients that they include raw foods in their diet and coconut oil and cacao butter are always two of the key foods that I suggest, when people are trying to increase their metabolism and burn fat.

Pamela’s claims regarding the health benefits of cacao butter and coconut butter have been well explained and researched. People’s fear of fat in our diets has led to the exclusion of some great foods from our diet. As Pamela discusses it is processed fats that are of significant concern for our health, not the nutritious healthy fats which occur naturally in raw foods. In fact, the types of fats which are found in coconut oil and cacao butter are essential for our good health and actually burn more calories than they give the body.

Not only does this book provide people with information regarding keeping themselves healthy and advice about managing their weight it also includes some simple and delicious recipes. I would recommend this book to any person who is interested in learning the power of nature’s foods in managing their weight and keeping them healthy and vibrant.

Angela Counsel
(B HSc Comp Med; Adv Dip Nat; Dip Nut)
Naturopath and Nutritionist
The Ambaa Tree Natural Health Centre Frenchs Forest, Sydney, NSW

How can chocolate be good for you?

I know it’s hard to believe so before I go any further let me explain to you why her chocolate is different to the store bought chocolate that we all know is unhealthy and fattening.

When you think of chocolate what springs to mind is store-bought processed chocolate. Very early on in its production when it was still a bean it was once a powerhouse of nutrition. However during processing it has been heat treated many times then had the indignity of added “bad” fats, sugar and many chemical additives. The end result is an empty, sugar laden, unhealthy food.

What a shame to destroy such a healthy food through processing, sweetening and adding in chemicals and unhealthy fats!

No More Bad Chocolate For Me!
I have been eating Pamela’s chocolate recipe for 6 months now and loving it. Last week when shopping I caved in to temptation and bought some milk chocolate coated peanuts. I used to be addicted to them and would eat them by the handful especially at Christmas when I was usually given jars full of them as gifts. Imagine my surprise when they tasted awful. They were sickly, sweet and bland. I ended up throwing half of them away! I guess I am spoilt now and I know what chocolate I will be sticking to in the future. I was so taken aback by my reaction to the chocolate coated peanuts that I just had to write and tell you.

…Sue Lodge, Gold Coast, Australia

Now the Good News…

Have you ever seen a picture of chocolate beans – they are actually called cacao (ka-cow) beans. This is what they look like before we turn them into chocolate:

Cacao Tree Cacao Pod Cacao Beans
Cacao Tree Open Cacao Pod Cacao Beans

The good news is that her chocolate is unprocessed. The healthy chocolate bean stays as healthy as when it began its journey to end up in your mouth! It is not heat processed so it is still brimming with enzymes and vitamins. No sugar or bad fats are added and there are no hidden chemicals to wreak havoc in your body. Cacao Butter and Coconut Oil Fats and oils are largely misunderstood in the dieting world. Not all fats are bad. In fact coconut oil, used in many of her recipes is referred to as “the healthiest oil on the planet” Our body needs good oils to function properly so we can be healthy. Coconut oil and cacao butter not only increase your metabolism but actually burn up more calories during digestion than they give the body.

Eating her chocolate may actually help you manage your weight better!

“If you want to lose unwanted weight the best thing you could do is start using coconut oil, the world’s only natural, low calorie fat. You can enjoy rich, full fat foods and lose weight without the hassle of counting calories or suffering from hunger “

….. Bruce Fife N.D.
The world’s leading expert on coconut and health.
Director of “The Coconut Research Center”

Yes, you heard right!

Amazing isn’t it?

Sadly the added fats found in store bought chocolate and junk foods do no such thing. The body does not recognize these fats as beneficial so puts them in the “too hard basket”, that is, your hips, thighs and tummies!

Not a good outcome!

If her chocolate has no added sugar then how can it be sweet? Easy! All the recipes use either:


  • Stevia, a natural sweetener with no calories and a GI value of ZERO is up to 400 times sweeter than sugar
  • Maple syrup, a low GI, natural sweetener that has many beneficial properties for health without giving the body a sugar rush
  • Agave, Instead of sugar I use a natural sweetener called agave syrup. It is 1 ½ times sweeter than sugar without the health risks as it is released slowly into the blood after digestion. Refined sugar is so bad for the body that is often referred to as “white death” and quickly leads to cravings and weight gain.


Amazingly, all the chocolate recipes are classified as “super foods”!

That was a lot to read and digest so how about something easy on the eyes!

Check out these amazing pictures of some of the everyday recipes that all use her healthy chocolate and can safely have a place in managing your weight.

Don’t they look delicious!


Cheese CakeChocolate Swirl Cheesecake

Caramel LogWalnut Caramel Choc Log
Glory ParfaitSunset Glory Parfait Cacao PecanCacao, Pecan,Goji & Cranberry Squares


The healthy, fat burning chocolate recipes are your ticket to freedom! Who can resist!

Christmas is a time to share with family and friends, to enjoy good food and these healthy, chocolate treats have proved to be a favorite.



Hazelnut Truffles Snowy Christmas Ice Cream Ball
Hazelnut Truffles Snowy Christmas Ice-Cream Ball With Raspberry & Cherry Sauce

Easter can be a problem when trying you
are trying to control your Weight!

We all like giving and receiving chocolate Easter Eggs but for a healthy diet too many are a definite NO NO! Now you don’t have to give the kids any more of those fat and sugar laden chocolate Easter treats. Try these healthy alternatives on the kids. They will thank you for it.

Chocolate nest Ice-Cream Nest Snow Bunny
Chocolate Nests with Eggs Ice-Cream Nests Snow Bunny and Chocolate Bunny

I can hear you saying…

“I don’t think it’s possible for chocolate to be that good for weight loss and still taste delicious.”


Don’t take my word for it. Read what one self confessed chocoholic had to say after tasting it…

No Way That’s Good For You!

Andrew Grant
… Andrew Grant, Gold Coast, Australia

I am a chocoholic! I love chocolate but I am also very picky and fussy when it comes to what chocolate I eat. I was really pleasantly surprised at just how good your guilt free chocolate tastes and feels in my mouth. I eat lots of chocolate so I was very sceptical that you could create a healthy chocolate that tastes great – but you did it! Eating the slice was a yummy pleasure. No way that’s good for you. It tastes too good! The only bad thing was I needed more samples!


Pamela has used her research, findings, background and knowledge in nutrition to write this book titled…

“Amazing Fat Burning Chocolate Against Obesity”

Why? …

  • Healthy living has long been a passion of her and this eBook is in response to her anguish at seeing the widespread consumption of very unhealthy snack foods and the resultant massive growth in obesity all around the world.
  • To give you a fighting chance against the programming by the greedy industry giants who are quite happy to watch the growing obesity epidemic as long as they are making money.
  • There is a wide spread lack of knowledge around what natural foods to eat to avoid obesity in a world that does not support health and nutrition.

Order now for only $29.95

Thank You For Showing Me I Love Cooking

…. Rebecca, Events Manager, Sydney, Australia

I hate to admit it but my kitchen and I have not had a very good relationship up till now. Many times I have tried to create luscious recipes I have found but the end product, after a lot of frustration, has been disappointing. My weight has been a constant worry and I’ve tried many diets only to regain the weight in time. If I had kept all the lost weight off I would be in the negative now! How crazy is that. I discovered Pamela’s book on the internet and though “here we go again” The recipes all looked so delicious I couldn’t help myself so back to the kitchen I went. Imagine my delight when the dishes I made not only tasted as good as promised but looked as good as the pictures. I feel inspired now and nowadays my kitchen and I have a much healthier relationship. In fact I would go as far as saying I now love my kitchen. My weight is dropping and finally I can see it staying off. Having these delicious chocolate recipes I don’t feel deprived on my diet so it is easy to stick to.

Does this sound like you? Can you relate to Rebecca?

At last, you can indulge in sweet, delicious chocolate treats that actually support weight loss.



So now you think this is just a book full of delicious weight loss chocolate recipes.

Not So!


The eBook “Amazing Fat Burning Chocolate Against Obesity”…

  • Is jam packed with useful information on obesity to help you understand and manage this condition.
  • Explains why overeating goes way beyond willpower and what you can do to take back control of your eating habits.
  • She only use “healthy oils’ in her recipes which stimulate the metabolism and help in weight loss. As obesity is one of the leading risk factors for diabetes, heart disease and many other serious ailments this is especially important.

For the sake of your health you need to have up to date information and this eBook provides a lot of the latest findings.

Chocolate Can Boost Your Health

High levels of chocolate consumption might be associated with a one third reduction in the risk of developing heart disease, finds a study published by British Medical Journal. A number of recent studies have shown that eating chocolate has a positive influence on human health due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.This includes reducing blood pressure and improving insulin sensitivity (a stage in the development of diabetes).

“Research Findings on Chocolate consumption and cardiometabolic disorders: systematic review and meta-analysi” The findings were presented at the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Paris on Monday 29 August 2011 by Dr Oscar H Franco, Department of Public Heath and Primary Care, University of Cambridge, UK

You may be innocently damaging your body by being misinformed or worse uninformed!

So what else do I get in this great eBook?

  • She gives you an easy to understand explanation of why junk/fast-food is bad for the body and why we crave it.
  • An understanding of what obesity is, how it is measured (BMI), the alarming growth worldwide and why it is so dangerous for you to be overweight
  • Discover the health benefits of the good oils she uses including fat burning coconut oil
  • Learn why good nutrition is not rocket science
  • Find out the scary information that the large processed chocolate manufactures don’t want you to know
  • Discover just how healthy natural chocolate is, which has led it to be referred to as “Food of the Gods”
  • Why it is important to include natural, unprocessed foods in our diet
  • Find out some of the helpful hints for making chocolate
  • The benefits of all the ingredients used in the recipes

Best of all the 44 delicious, easy and fun chocolate recipes all with full color pictures


Nut Bites Petit Fours Truffles
Chocolate Nut Bites Petit Fours Chocolate Truffles


Blush Tart Valentine
Lovers Blush Tart Be My Valentine


Okay …Enough, this sounds like the answer to my dieting woes I have been looking for…

“I’m sure that you will appreciate the research, time, effort and hard work that she has put into this eBook to ensure that you are getting the latest and best information as well as 44 original diet friendly chocolate recipes.”

Order now for only $29.95

Pamela has spent many years coming up with these recipes that would do justice to the delicious chocolate, so to help you make up your mind about buying this great resource, I am going to give you some extra FREE Bonuses if you order today.

Bonus Book 1 The Art Of Loving Yourself Being overweight can lead to poor body image low self esteem. No one should be unhappy with their daily lives. You can have control over your happiness. When you learn how you can take control and be very successful. This delightful little book explains how.

Bonus Book 2 Exercise Without Effort Exercise is an important part of managing your weight. This is a simple exercise book that anybody can do. It is not too strenuous and has little or no cost associated with doing them. It covers things like: “Can a trip to the mall keep you in shape?”, “Breathe your weight trim” and “Weightlifting without lifting weights”

Bonus Book 3 Printer Friendly Version “Amazing Fat Burning Chocolate Against Obesity” From my own experience I have found that having a printed copy of recipe eBooks is invaluable. You can insert the pages of your favorite recipes into your own folders to make it easier to work with. Bearing this in mind we give you a printer friendly copy of the eBook “Amazing Fat Burning Chocolate Against Obesity”. It contains all the recipes but without the color photographs and graphics.

Just picture this for a moment…

  • Imagine the peace of mind it will bring you knowing that you can once again indulge in rich, sweet, delicious chocolate desserts and treats especially when you know that they are all guilt free and diet friendly
  • Your family will be asking “Where did you get the recipe, this is delicious?”
  • Your friends saying “I wish I had known this information years ago”
  • What price do you put on your health?

Order now for only $29.95

One more thing…

Just in case you’re not 100% satisfied with my eBook. I’d like to take 100% of the risk away from you and PUT it all on my shoulders. How am I doing that? Simple. Here’s my Risk Free Guarantee. Check it out…

So there you have it You’ve really got nothing to lose


Order now for only $29.95

Because I want to make this life changing information available to as many people as possible, I am going to offer it to you an introductory price of $29.95.

Okay, so let’s recap…

What You Get

Introductory Offer

Amazing Fat Burning Chocolate Against Obesity”


Bonus #1 “Loving Yourself”

Free Bonus

Bonus # 2 “Exercise Without Effort”

Free Bonus

Bonus #3 Printer friendly copy of “Amazing Fat Burning Chocolate Against Obesity”

Free Bonus

You Only Pay



You only have two choices

Continue as you are wanting those sweet chocolate treats you love but denying yourself because you want to manage your weight


Buy the eBook and allow yourself to indulge in luscious, delicious, healthy diabetic-friendly chocolate desserts and treats all guilt free

Is there really any choice?

All you have to do is click on the Order Now Button below and change forever the way you look at chocolate and your weight. It is that easy.


Warmest Wishes

Andre Toorenburg

Order now for only $29.95

PLEASE NOTE: “Amazing Fat Burning Chocolate Against Obesity” is a downloadable e-Book. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-Book and all the bonus books onto your computer. The e-Book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

P.S. If you are serious about being able to indulge in healthy, chocolate treats totally guilt free you are just moments away from success

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